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Intro to React useState hooks

05 August, 2019

What is useState?useState is a not-so-new API in react that allow us to use state inside a functional component. Previously using state…

JavaScript Scope Simplified

11 July, 2019

A quick and simple definition of scope in JavaScript: Scope is a rule that determines where a variable can be found and how it can be used…

What is JavaScript execution context

02 July, 2019

What is execution context in JavaScript? To make it simple, ask yourself which part of your code is currently executing. Execution context…

React: useCallback hooks simple explanation

16 June, 2019

useCallback is one of the new features introduced in the react hooks API. Personally the name is quite confusing because callback is usually…

JavaScript: So class is a function?

13 June, 2019

I have written a lot of class component using React. But I have never really understood class. In this short post I will explore what class…

JavaScript: By Value Versus By Reference

24 May, 2019

Why is knowing this topic important?To understand what really happen when we assign values to a variableTo avoid potential bugs from…